Free and Open Source Software

I have worked with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) since 1999. My experience include software development, license compliance, board member and Vice President of Free Software Foundation Europe, evaluator and developer in the GNU project, organizer of many event as well as a public speaker.


  • Presentations and workshops
  • License compliance and strategy
  • Community relations
  • Software development

Some of the softwares I've developed/co-developed:

License Compliance

License compliance (mainly with FOSS) has been an ongoing task for many years. It slowly started with with license compatibility issues in 2000 and moved on to helping projects and nowadays mainly with companies. I have developed/co-developed a couple of tools, released as FOSS, to help me and hopefully others with compliance:

You can find more info about my compliance activities at:


I have written software professionally and on a voluntary basis since 1997 and offer help with:
  • Python
  • C
  • Bash
  • Java
  • GNU and Linux
  • Embedded (Linux) and real-time
  • Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and Fedora

You can find more info about my activities at: github

About Sandklef GNU Labs and Henrik

Sandklef GNU Labs

Sandklef GNU Labs is a sole proprietor with a big network of skilled and experienced contacts in the FOSS community.

Henrik Sandklef

Born in April 1971 in Gothenburg (Sweden).

I have a Bechelor of Science from Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg from 1997. After my university studies I started working as a consultant with assignments mainly in telecom, telematics and embedded development. My employers have been TietoEnator, Syren Software AB, Consat and Morus Konsult AB and I have had assignments at Volvo Bus, Volvo Trucks, Ericsson, Caran and more. Since couple of years I have been, alongside my consulting, a teacher at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg and several schools.

Around 1999 I started to get interested in Free Software and got engaged in the GNU project as code/license evaluator and developer (GNU Xnee). After some years I got engaged in Free Software Foundation Europe. I have had many types of assignments in and around Free and Open Source Software, mainly software development and license compliance.



Sandklef GNU Labs
c/o Henrik Sandklef
Klostergången 7
413 18 Gothenburg

Email and phone:

  • hesa =AT=
  • +46 700 909363

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